Ho Shin Tang – Would the real Makchang please stand up [호신탕 – 막창]

Ho Shin Tang restaurant in Markham
Ho Shin Tang (호신탕) in Markham Under Renovation

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I’ve found it. I’ve finally found it. There’s been a few restaurants popping up, with much fanfare and praise for having top quality makchang (막창, pork intestine). Everytime I’ve been, I’ve faked my enthusiasm. Having lived in Korea next to a road lined with makchang restaurants (a feat in itself), I have a much higher standard for what counts as good. So when I say I’ve found it, you can stop looking.

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K-drama – Kill Me Heal Me (2015) [킬미 힐미]

I’ve never been big on watching dramas. Mostly because they were unrealistic to what I had imagined life in Korea to be about. Romanticized and over dramatized I didn’t want to get caught in it and increase my expectations. Having lived in Korea for a bit, I’m able to distinguish with what’s real and not.

Kill Me Heal Me (2015) 킬미힐미

Living back here in Canada, I really needed a boost to remember life in Korea, and so I jumped in. Kill Me, Heal Me is currently 20 episodes in, so if you start now you won’t be too far behind. I’m really only watching it to get glimpses of Han Chae Yeon (Kim Yoo Ri 김유리), who is absolutely stunning here.

Kim Yoori in Kill Me Heal Me – 김유리 킬미힐미 (Photo from Naver)

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Shabu and Congbul – Don’t Burn the Placemat! [샤부랑 콩불]

Its been awhile since I’ve seen a really unique Korean restaurant. Typically you can get the general dishes I’ve been showcasing at most of the restaurants. In the search for some more useful info to dish out, we come to a place that combines the pig with the bean sprout. An unlikely combination in my eye, but a delicious one. I’ll tell you of a mistake that was made with the card machine, and how they rectified it.

Picture of Congbul with Squid, consists of pork, beansprouts, pepper paste and squid
Congbul with Squid at Shabu and Congbul Steeles

The easiest way to get to Shabu and Congbul is by car. It’s located at 390 Steeles Ave West in a seemingly random plaza. Its really no wonder why this place ran under my radar for so long. Continue reading Shabu and Congbul – Don’t Burn the Placemat! [샤부랑 콩불]


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