Lim Ga Ne – A Christie Street Go To

I’m stuck in Chicago for a bit and so I actually have time to write this.

Inside Lim Ga Ne
Inside Lim Ga Ne

임가네 Is a good spot for a quick bite, especially if you didnt have time to cook dinner. Lets not kid ourselves though, I’m pretty sure half of us were just lazy. I usually find myself here late at night, around 10 or so when I’m not sure what other stores are still open. Luckily for all of us, 임가네 is open 24 hours a day.

Pork Bone Soup at Lim Ga Ne
Pork Bone Soup at Lim Ga Ne
The space is comparable to The Owl of Minerva, another restaurant I reviewed. It’s usually quite small, with basic flatware, tables, and decor. I say usually because from what I know, they have two locations. They have large TVs that usually play the latest music shows like music bank so you can keep up to speed with your Kpop.
The dishes are pretty standard, but all delicious. You have your Pork bone soup (kamjatang) and hangover soup (hejangguk), pictured here, which make the best of a meal for two for under $20. The pork bone soup is always good, always soft, and has lots of seasoning. You’ll taste it in the meat and the soup, it’ll give you a nice zing. The hangover soup has cooked blood, if you’re into that sorta thing. It does taste good so don’t let the scare you off.I mentioned that 임가네 is open 24 hours, but you should take note they stop serving alcohol at 2am just like everybody else, believe me, I tried. They have great combos that include a dish and a few(4-5) bottles of beer, or one soju. It makes it very easy to call up a few friends last minute, grab a seat, and have a drink all over some nice food.
Hangover Soup at Lim Ga Ne
Hangover Soup at Lim Ga Ne
There’s not much else to say. If you do decide to visit tell them I sent you, they won’t know who you’re talking about but it’ll be fun!Now eat! I want to go home~
692 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M6G 1L2

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