Owl of Minerva – For the all-nighters

If you’re looking to get your fix of Korean food then this place serves just fine. If you’re looking for a more robust meal and setting then this isn’t the place for you.
Owl of Minerva in Mississauga
Owl of Minerva in Mississauga
Owl of Minerva is no news to people from Toronto and North York as they have two other restaurants. The Mississauga location is located in a Chinese plaza so it may be a little hard to find. Let’s get right into the food first.

Pork Bone Soup from Owl of Minerva
Pork Bone Soup from Owl of Minerva
I had the 감자탕 or Pork Bone Soup, or more literally Potato Soup. For $7.99 it’s a decent price because good Pork Bone Soup in Korea is about the same price. Considering the higher cost of living here, this is a steal.I’ve found that the restaurants here use chili flakes, or ground up chili  or something of the sort to make their food spicy. I’m not a fan of this at all. If you want a real authentic taste you need to put the hot peppers in. Cut them up, put them in, and watch your food go from 0 to 10. The spice from a pepper strikes just right, and feels a little fresher.

Since all the restaurants seem to do it, I won’t hold it against Owl of Minerva too much, but I’d definitely like to see something more genuine. If you’re hungry, or don’t know what to order, then the Pork Bone Soup should be your first order. Unless of course you can’t eat pork, which leads me to the bibimbap!

Bibimbap is bibimbap. Not much preparation or cooking needed. I think it was about the same price and it’s a decent sized meal. If you’re a vegetarian, here’s one of your meals! I’m sure you’ve known that well before I did though.

The restaurant is pretty small. Due to the size and style of the restaurant, and the types and quality of food they serve, I would equate it to a fast food Korean joint. In Korea they have chains called Kimbap Cheonguk김밥 천국 and Kimbap Nara김밥 나라. It’s not exactly a McDonald’s because they have McDonald’s and Lotteria there, but it’s a very Korean fast food thing. Food is ready relatively quickly and you’re in and out. I would say that Owl of Minerva is almost the same deal, maybe just a little bit better.

It’s open 24 hours so if you’re tired of going to Tremendous and want a change, Owl of Minerva will be great for you. It gets quite busy, and even at 6pm when I went there were no tables. If you’re a small party and it’s full you might end up sitting 2 inches from the next table, so be prepared.

It’s not the same as many of the restaurants in Korea, but it’ll have to do for now. I’ll need to go back to taste some of the other food anyway.

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