I’ve never been big on watching dramas. Mostly because they were unrealistic to what I had imagined life in Korea to be about. Romanticized and over dramatized I didn’t want to get caught in it and increase my expectations. Having lived in Korea for a bit, I’m able to distinguish with what’s real and not.

Kill Me Heal Me (2015) 킬미힐미

Living back here in Canada, I really needed a boost to remember life in Korea, and so I jumped in. Kill Me, Heal Me is currently 20 episodes in, so if you start now you won’t be too far behind. I’m really only watching it to get glimpses of Han Chae Yeon (Kim Yoo Ri 김유리), who is absolutely stunning here.

Kim Yoori in Kill Me Heal Me – 김유리 킬미힐미 (Photo from Naver)

Kill Me Heal Me is about a business heir, Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung 지성), with multiple personalities. Attempting to live his normal life he encounters Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) by chance, who happens to be a 1st year psychiatry resident. Oh Ri On must navigate Cha Do Hyun’s several personalities in order to save him and allow him to gain control of his life.

Ji Sung as one of his personalities in Kill Me Heal Me -지성 킬미힐미

With the use of the multiple personality disorder, the director is able to introduce characters, relations and twists without seeming too out of the ordinary. To me this makes it more viewable. I’m only on episode 8 so far and its still looking good. You won’t get bored since they can slowly roll out the personalities for each episode. Episode 7 is the one you’re waiting for.

They try to include some medical terms, so hopefully there’s some truth and knowledge exchange there as a bonus to watching.

—Mini Spoiler—

If you enjoy Gag Show which is a comedy show in Korea, you’ll see the famous slow motion fighter taking up a new role. Its really quite cool how they can blend humour from one program to another. It shows the writing is quite current.

Kim Yoori in Episode 1 of Kill Me Heal Me – 김유리 킬미힐미 (Photo from Naver)

Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum as siblings in Kill Me Heal Me – 박서준과 황정음 킬미힐미

Ji Sung as one of his personalities in Kill Me Heal Me -지성 킬미힐미

Ji Sung battling his other self in Kill Me Heal Me – 지성 킬미힐미

Ji Sung and Kim Yoori as Cha Do Hyun and Chae Yeon in Kill Me Heal Me – 지성랑 킴유리 킬미힐미

Kill Me Heal Me (2015) – 킬미힐미