Better Swagg is an award winning dance team based in Seoul. Most recently taking 1st place in the Kpop Cover Dance Festival, the team has become popular both locally and with international fans. With an appearance along side SECRET (시크릿) in Gyeongju’s Annual Hallyu Dream Concert (경주 한류드림콘서트), we’re lucky to have had time to catch up with Better Swagg’s Soomin in a special first to our Profile series.

Take a look at the video below to see what all the hype is about. Skip to 3:03 to see their cover of EXID’s 위아래 (이엑스아이디 Up & Down), the same dance that placed them 1st. Put your jaw back to it’s closed position and don’t forget to read the rest of the interview^^.

Please Introduce Your Team.
그룹에 대해 소개 부탁합니다.

Better Swagg: Hello, we are Korean girls dance team Better Swagg. Our members are Yoo Soomin, Jin Sohee, Lee Junhee, Kim Soyeon, Kim Heejin.
안녕하세요 저희는 한국에 있는 girls dance team better swagg 입니다 ^^
멤버들 이름 : 유수민(Leader), 진소희, 이준희, 김소연, 김희진

How did you come together as a group and how long have you been performing?
그룹이 어떻게 함께하게 되었는지와 얼마나 활동을 하였는지?

We first came together in March of 2012. We’re all classmates. Our electives are in the arts and majors in technical dance and street dance. We came together since we hang out, and so making this team didn’t seem like a bad idea. It was a team made for similar interests, and we didn’t that after graduation we would still be like this(together). This year it will be almost three years we’ve been active together.
일단 저희는 2012년 3월에 결성된 팀이구요. 모두 학교 동기들이였어요^^. 호서예술전문학교 실용무용과 스트릿 전공자들 이었거든요~. 어떻게 같이 모여서 놀다가
이렇게 팀활동 하는것도 나쁘지 않겠다는 생각에 재미로 만든 팀인데 졸업하고 나서도 이렇게 함께 갈 줄 몰랐죠ㅎㅎ. 올해로 같이 활동한지 3년이 조금 넘었네요^^


What kind of dance do you do? Whats your favourite style and why?
어떤 타입의 댄스를 하고있는지 그리고 어떤 스타일을 제일 좋아하는지? 그 이유는? 

We prefer to dance girlish and girls hip hop together with an emphasis on feminine images. When our team first started there was a lot of masculine choreography but were prefer to express charm and confident dances.
저희는 girlish 스타일을 선호해요 걸스힙합과 같이 여성적인 모습을 강조한 춤을 추고자 합니다. 처음 저희팀이 시작한 안무가 많이 남성적이였어요 하지만 저희를 가장 잘 표현하고 자신있게 저희의 매력을 내뿜을 수 있게 출 수 있는 스타일이라 선호하는 편 입니^^

You do a lot of cover dance and a lot of original ones, who choreographs the dances?
당신은 많은 한국가수들의 안무들을 보고 그에 맞춘 댄스들을 보여주고 있는데, 누가 안무를 맡고있는지? 

It depends but its usually Juny who does approximately all of the choreography and I look at the details.
그때그때 다르지만 보통 juny 라는 멤버가 전체적인 안무를 대충따와요 그럼 제가 거기서 디테일하게 따는 식으로해서 맞춥니다.


How many times a week do you practice? How many hours?
일주일에 몇번이나 연습하는지와 몇시간 하는지?

Except for the weekend we’re always practicing. Usually 5-6 hours a day. We know ourselves very well, for us its simply if we are lazy, onstage there will be lots of flaws and you can see who worked hard .
저희는 주말빼고 항상 연습실에 나와요 보통 5-6 시간정도 연습하는 편이에요 저희는 저희를 너무 잘 알기때문에 게을리하면 무대에서 바로 티가 나요 그래서 누구보다 열심히 하려는 편입니다

When was your biggest or favourite performance? 
언제가 제일 크고 좋아했던 공연이었는지?

We had a lot of big performances but the first Dream stage vol.1 was the most exciting and good.
큰공연도 많았지만 저희팀의 처음 무대인 Dream stage vol.1이 제일 설레고 좋았던 무대가 아닌가 싶어요^^


Do you have any awards?
상을 받은적이 있는지?

As a team, we received an award from Kalse National Competition, Recreation National Competition  and as a Kpop National Team we have placed 1st receiving the Korean Champion Title for two consecutive years.
팀으로는 칼스 전국대회, 레크레이션 전국대회 등 에서 입상을 했어요 또 kpop으로는 한국 대표팀으로 2년 연속 1위 한국 챔피언 타이틀을 얻었어요^^

You have so many fans in Korea and Asia, how did they discover you?
한국과 아시아에 많은 팬들을 가지고 있는데 그분들은 당신을 어떻게 찾게 되었는지

Well.. maybe Youtube or Facebook? They might know us online. We performed very hard with Kpop dance so they might have seen Kpop dance with the Korean Wave(Hallyu)  these days and found us.
글쎄요.. 아마 유투브나 페이스북? 온라인등으로 알게된것같아요. 저희가 kpop댄스로도 활동을 열심히 하다보니 요즘 한류열풍인 kpop댄스를 보시고 찾아 오신것 같아요^^


Do any of the members have a funny/weird habit?
재밌고 이상한 습관을 가지고 있는 멤버가 있는지?

We’ve changed a lots of times members every time. We won’t tell cuz its team privacy.
저희팀은 날마다 멤버들이 달라져요…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 팀 프라이버시를 위해 말하지 않겠습니다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Who is the most popular among guys in the group?
누가 그룹에서 남자들에게 제일 인기가 많은지?

Sohee (J-maro) is popular among guys. She has lots of individual fans. A lot of my friends like her and she is everyone’s favourite. I’m proud she’s on our team!
소희 (J-maro)라는 멤버가 제일 많아요. 개인팬만해도 어마어마 하더라구요^^ 제 친구들도 소희좋아하는 애들도 많고.. 만인의 여인이죠! 그런 멤버가 저희팀이라 뿌듯해요!


Who’s English is the best?
누가 영어를 제일 잘하는지?

Juny^^. She also does choreography well. She’s the elite in our team and in charge of finance too.
Juny라는 멤버에요^^그러고 보니 안무도 잘따고.. 저희팀 엘리트네요 총무까지 맡고있어요ㅎㅎ

Who eats the most, or says they are full but can still eat?
누가 제일 많이먹는지 혹은 누가 배부르다고 해놓고 계속먹는지

If the most hungry, they can eat very well haha. Everyday it’s someone different who’s hungry. There’s nobody that says they are full but still eats. We just keep eating without saying we are full hahaha.
제일 배고픈애가 제일 많이 먹어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그날 그날 배고픈애들이 다 있거든요^^ 배부르다 해놓고 계속 먹는멤버는 없어요 배부르다고 안하고 계속 먹는편이에요 저흰..하하하

Do you like any Canadian food?
캐나다 음식중 좋아하는것이있는지?

We really want to eat poutine! Since we love potato and cheese haha. It seems like it would be so tasty.
캐나다 푸틴 정말 먹어보고싶어요! 저희가 감자랑 치즈 정말 좋아하거든요ㅎㅎ 맛있을것 같아요

Will you come to Canada?10516832_542263985900367_1946020812129805011_n
캐나다에 올것인지?

I have never thought about Canada specifically but it would be fun. It would be so amazing if I could see Niagara Falls with my own eyes.
캐나다라고 딱 짚어서 생각해 본적은 없는데 재밌을것 같아요^^ 나이아가라폭포를 눈앞에서 보면 정말 멋있을것같아요!

What other country’s food do you like best?
어떤 다른나라 음식들을 제일 좋아하는지?

I like sushi and…what, what..meat? Whatever meat is the best.
초밥도 좋아하고 뭐니뭐니해도 고기?면 다좋아요^^

What’s next for Better Swagg? Any big shows or a new direction?
Better Swagg의 다음 단계는? 큰 무대나 새로운 방향이 있는지?

We have a goal to establish Better Swagg as a company. We have lots of dreams as a team. We want to train the next generation and travel around the world. So happy if we can do it all together.
저희는 better swagg company 설립이 목표입니다! 팀으로써 이루고 싶은건 너무나도 많아요. 후배양성부터 세계일주까지.. 함께하면 뭐든 즐거운것 같아요^^

Do you have a message for any international fans?
해외의 팬들에게 전달할 메세지가 있는지?

We greatly appreciate cheering for us and your interest in us. We will work hard to become a better and improved Better Swagg. Thanks!
저희팀 관심가져주시고 응원해 주셔서 감사합니다. 더열심히 나날이 발전하는 Better Swagg되겠습니다.