Hi folks, this is my introduction to Immortal Songs 2, a beautiful singing show in Korea. Officially, it’s called “Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend (불후의 명곡: 전설을 노래하다)”, but because the title is so long, it’s more commonly referred to as Immortal Songs 2. The show won the award for “Best Music and Variety” during the 2015 Rockie Awards Program Competition held at the BANFF World Media Festival from June 7th to 10th in Banff, Canada. [1]

In Immortal Songs 2, artists reinterpret and rearrange famous songs, following a theme for the week, and perform them for a mixed audience of 500 members. Performance order is decided randomly by ball drawing before each round, and the audience votes after each round for their favorite performance. The artist left standing at the end of all the performances is crowned the winner of that week’s show. There are also 2-week specials, where the winner of week 1 competes against the rest of the performances in week 2. [2]

I originally watched this show because I’m a huge fan of the girl group Mamamoo (마마무), and I noticed they had performed on this show multiple times. I checked out a performance they did, and just, wow.

Seriously, killer performance in suits and heels.

They didn’t win a single round that episode, by the way. The person they competed with ended up being the first runner-up that week.

This marked the beginning of my dive into the deep world of Korean music. I am very thankful to this show for letting me listen to such talent that I would not have ever found out by myself. But enough about me, let’s hear from Michael Bolton when he was the featured singer back in 2014.

I love good quality arrangements, and I’m always looking for new songs to listen to and performances to watch. Every week, Immortal Songs 2 scratches that itch, and more importantly, it gives the artists a stage to indulge their imaginations and challenge their limits as performers.

This freedom to experiment and the performances presented make the show wildly popular in Korea. Artists who perform on an episode get searched up online and receive offers to perform at musicals and other gigs. Since the Korean music industry is very busy, there are artists who only became famous after performing on the show.

For your convenience, I’ve also put together a database of performances by week, since the Wikipedia article is incomplete.

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