The Korean Canadian Cultural Association held its 1st gala last weekend marking the organization’s 50th anniversary. The KCCA has served the community in a number of functions that help to tie both Canadian and Korean values. The gala comes as an addition to other large events the groups hosts such as the Peace Marathon just recently. While there were a number of hands on this event, a large part of the credit should go to the co-chairs of the event Daniel Lee님, Hyosun Kim님, and Jacob Shin님, as well as the 20+ sponsors and supporters.

A few months into the making it was a pleasure to see that the KCCA Celebrate Korea Gala was a success. The Westin Prince Hotel acted as a very accommodating venue which sat just under 300 attendees. Upon registration guests poured into the foyer where silent auction items by AFGI were displayed. The auction included limited Canadian art, jewelry and traditional Korean clay pots donated by famous potters. To put this in perspective the 12 pots ranged from $100-$5000 in value, minimum bid. They also served alcohol in the foyer, which I guess showed the trust in the attendees considering the value of the items that could accidentally be broken.

The night began with a traditional Korean drum performance. It was my first time seeing this. With the sound, the movements between the drums, and the colours it’s quite unique. I’ll have to figure out if the group holds regular shows. The rest of the night consisted of a video intro on the Korean-Canadian relations and origins, a speech from the KCCA president Daniel Lee, and a video intro from Kathleen Wynne. With a few scholarships handed out, dinner was well on the way. Steak, shrimp with some crab meat, and tiramisu made up the course.

Towards the end of the night the Ottawa Hallyu Dance Team (OHDT) performed on a couple songs. I was able to catch up with them and it turns out they met Better Swagg when they were in Canada. I of course had to brag that I knew the girls when I was living in Korea.

I was responsible for the dance music to be played after the program but it turns out that no one really dances, except of course the OHDT. It’s the song you hear at the end of the video. I’m really looking forward to next year’s gala.