Ichiban Fish House, North York – Don’t Worry, I Don’t Have My Map Upside Down [토론토 노스욕]

I met the owner, and asked what this 95 Spring Garden Sushi is ($20). He explained they've been around for twenty years and 95 means 1995. Twenty years?!?! I was only 8 at that time, possibly refusing to go to the African Lion Safari in order to play more Nintendo. That 95 Spring Garden Sushi is from 1995, and hasn't changed since.

Ho Shin Tang – Would the real Makchang please stand up [호신탕 – 막창]

I've found it. I've finally found it. There's been a few restaurants popping up, with much fanfare and praise for having top quality makchang (막창, pork intestine). Everytime I've been, I've faked my enthusiasm. Having lived in Korea next to a road lined with makchang restaurants (a feat in itself), I have a much higher standard for what counts as good. So when I say I've found it, you can stop looking.