Shabu and Congbul, Thornhill – Don’t Burn the Placemat! [샤부랑 콩불]

Its been awhile since I've seen a really unique Korean restaurant. Typically you can get the general dishes I've been showcasing at most of the restaurants. In the search for some more useful info to dish out, we come to a place that combines the pig with the bean sprout. An unlikely combination in my eye, but a delicious one. I'll tell you of a mistake that was made with the card machine, and how they rectified it.

Doo Roo Ae, Korea Town – Doesn’t Skimp on Ingredients [두루애 토론토]

Doo Roo Ae is located just across the P.A.T. mart in Christie. They are known for their 갈비탕 or short rib soup, and it doesn't disappoint. They put quite a lot of other ingredients to really bring flavour to the galbi tang (short rib soup). You've got onion, enoki mushrooms, peppers and likely garlic. It's only one of the few places that have got this down right! I usually don't eat galbi tang because I prefer something with a little more meat, kamjatang (pork bone soup), but this made me fall in love with galbi all over again.