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Dion lived in Gyeongju, South Korea for 2 years. It was the most amazing experience to be in the most beautiful countryside, but still have access to the night life in the cities close by. Life changing, his posts draw from those times and more recently in Toronto and a vacation to Korea.

Faerie (애린)

Content Marketing & Public Relations

Faerie lives for her passions and to inspire others. Her 3 biggest passions are music, Korea and writing. When she moved from the west coast to Toronto is when she discovered Korean music which led to her discovery of Hallyu culture and her passion for Korea. While she has many interests, she specializes in entertainment, pop culture, k-music and k-dramas.



Translator & Gamer

Immigrated to Canada in 1997, 1.5 generation so called Konadian (Korean-Canadian) who is stuck in a weird dilemma between Korean and Canadian culture. Hana will be translating some stuff for other writers.



Writer & Editor

Arthur likes sharing stories he come across. To start, he will be sharing various things with you, from song performances in Korea and indie artist profiles, to what our friends in Toronto are doing, week by week. Whenever he has bandwidth, he will also ask you what you want to read about, and he’ll do his best to deliver a quality post worthy of your attention.

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